SARP (Sexual Assault Response Program)

Like other Sexual Assault Response Programs (SARP), the SARP program serves the community of Port Alberni by supporting survivors of sexual assault on a volunteer-based initiative. SARP volunteers will work closely alongside other victim-services, law enforcement, and forensic nurse teams to bridge gaps, offer advocacy, and most importantly – offer emotional support from a trauma-informed perspective.

SARP program training consists of a maximum of 20 hours and is led by the program coordinator through an interactive, online learning platform. Volunteers will then work on an on-call basis, reporting to offer support at the West Coast General Hospital, the RCMP detachment, or at Sage Haven’s main office, should it be requested. Volunteers may also be involved in advocacy roles, event planning, and community education programs.

During the training program, volunteers will…

  • Gain a feminist and trauma-informed perspective on sexual assault in Canada.
  • Learn client-centered communication and active listening skills and how to implement them.
  • Become introduced to other programs, services, and teams that advocate for assault survivors.
  • Gain a better understanding of the legal and ethical aspects of sexual assault.
  • Recognize indicators of burnout and vicarious trauma in the mental health field.
  • Analyze the meaning of self-care and create personal self-care plans.

Training programs are run on a continuous, as-needed basis. Should you be interested or want more information on the SARP program, please contact the SARP coordinator, Frances, at 250.736.0707 or email: